What is Zelle Pay

How to Pay with Zelle

Follow the simples steps below to make your payment via Zelle Pay easily when placing your order on weedhorizone.com. Your payment must be ready before placing your order.

First Step

Finding Zelle 

Find out if your bank is affiliated with the Zelle company to send money form one account to another through zelle then you one step ahead of the process. But if your bank doesn’t offer the zelle services then you need to download it on your Android or IOS devices before linking your bank to your zelle account.

Second Step

Zelle Setup 

Zelle is afilated to most banks as their mobile banking app. Once you download zelle on your Android or IOS device, you will need to provide your phone number, Email and your debit card info in order to be able to send and received money.

Third Step

Link Debit/Bank Card

As long as your Visa or Master Debit card is working, you can link the Zelle application to be able to send and receive money anytime any day if your bank is affiliated to Zelle. Your bank will direct you on how to receive and send money within the mobile Zelle app.

Fourth Step

Send Payment

Here all you need is the payment or receivers info (Zelle email or Zelle phone) which will be provided at the checkout page or live chart. Enter the zelle info as the receiver to send the money.

Fifth Step

Completing Payment

When you enter the Zelle info which is been provided at the checkout page or the live chart, enter the order total sum and send the payment. Once you done sending kindly take a screenshot of the proof of payment and upload it to our email or live chart for confirmation.

Six Step

Finalizing Transaction

Once your payment is been confirm we will proceed with the delivery process. We will have your item packaged for dispatch. We will email you the delivery info ASAP.